CALL-Utxon(x)SummerSchool2014 CALL-Utxon(x)SummerSchool20142

This years Utzon(x) Summer School focus on New Tectonics Beyond New Technologies, by theoretically, methodologically and practically addressing the issues that connect a strong architectural-engineering-craft culture of masonry buildings and structures to contemporary computational techniques and problems in architecture. The 12 days workshop is anchored at Aalborg University, with the workshop programme located in the Utzon Center at the harbour front of the city. With use of external architects and researchers from Denmark and abroad, the input will be content specific, but culturally diverse.

The summer school is a design research laboratory with limited seats, which aim is to explore interrelations between contemporary masonry structures, thermal sensations and computational methods with emphasis on soft computing and optimisation theories and the applications of these in architecture. Immediately after the summer school finishes, a 1:1 structure designed during the workshop will be constructed by masonry students next to the Utzon Center. The summer school additionally includes a seminar with invited speakers who extend their seminar talks to exhibitions of their contemporary masonry work from practice and research.


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